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Cabo San Lucas Whale Watching:
Meet the great creatures of the seas in Los Cabos and enjoy watching whales in the Los Cabos Every year, from December to April, visitors arriving in Cabo San Lucas can enjoy an extra thrill in the form of gray whales that end their migratory journey of thousands of kilometers from the cold Arctic Ocean to the warm waters of Baja California where they come to give birth to their offspring.  The excursions to watch whales go from large boats and catamaran to luxury yachts, come and enjoy a private whale watching trip in Los Cabos with us, a few hundred kilometers north of Los Cabos, to have a close-up experience and one- a-one with the whales and their newborn offspring, a unique experience and to remember all the life.


In season:
Consistently the best animals on earth swim from the Bering Sea in Alaska toward the south of this American mainland looking for calm waters where they can multiply. For the destiny of the individuals who live in the Baja California Peninsula, the warm and satisfactory temperature they require is accurately in these scopes.
This grand occasion that begins from the long stretch of January, enduring until the period of April, is a standout amongst the most staggering natural life encounters anybody can witness.

This private sunset dinner cruise cabo san lucas allows you to reach the whale spot more quickly, increasing the chances of meeting these beautiful mammals; during the tour, you will have sandwiches and water available.
While the migration of the Gray Whale with a route of approximately 7,500 kilometers, its main destination is Magdalena Bay in Baja California Sur, located about 400 kilometers north of Cabo San Lucas; these also have other destinations and purposes further south as it is in the waters of the Sea of Cortez and the Gulf of California, and also in other states of southwestern Mexico, such as Jalisco.


Ideal places to get in touch with whales:
In the port of San Carlos and Adolfo López Mateos, visits are organized to see the whales and can even get close enough to caress them. Thanks to that extra tour of the whales, which extends more to the south of Magdalena Bay, the sighting of gray whales in Los Cabos is a daily delight during the season. In Cabo Sunset Cruise we take you around the bay of Cabo San Lucas in search of these impressive mammals, using either our glass bottom boats or luxury trimarans, and thus are as close as possible to its beauty and majesty.
The trained staff has great experience to follow the route of the whales, so you can appreciate them closer than ever without interrupting or affecting their natural rhythm. Have your camera ready, if you are lucky, you will see whales with their curious babies jumping over the sea. While you return to the marina, relax watching the beautiful landscapes that create the Pacific Ocean and the rock formations in which sometimes there are sea lions or birds posing.


Tropical sunset cruise includes;

  • Whale watching in catamaran or Zodiac-type boats, depending on the time slot you choose
  • The tour usually starts in the morning and includes American buffet breakfast and national open bar
  • Not only you get the sandwiches and water, but you can also get the luxury dinner
  • Lifejacket



We recommend you leave your valuables and jewelry at the hotel. Do not forget to bring your camera, comfortable clothes and shoes, sunglasses and biodegradable sunblock. Bring extra money for expenses and souvenirs. We suggest you pack a towel and a change of clothes. In winter wear a light jacket when you come to the private sunset dinner cruise Cabo San Lucas.
Give you and your family and friends the opportunity to enjoy the Cabo sunset cruise and whale watching life, which is for sure an incomparable experience, of those few that are lived in life! Are you ready to witness one of the fascinating experiences in the animal world? With this Cabo sunset cruise catamaran tour, you can observe humpback and gray whales that travel thousands of kilometers to give birth and raise their calves in Mexican waters. So why wait, get the Los Cabos luxury deal through the Pacific Ocean and observe beautiful whales in their natural habitat.




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